Sunday Service

  • The subject for Sunday 1/28/2018 is  TRUTH.
  • The golden text is from Psalms 86: 11

Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in thy truth:

  • The solo will be The Wisdom of God by Robert Franz.

O holy word of truth and wisdom,
Showing the way that we must go,
Here do we find God’s revelation
For every man to read and know.
Truth is our strength and our salvation.
Truth is the rock on which we stand,
Bread in the desert, Light in the darkness
Leading the way to the promised land!
Father, Thou source of truth and wisdom,
Help me to choose the better part,
I only ask that Thou wilt give me
A wise and understanding heart.
O, may my quiet meditation flow
From that stream of love divine.
Thou art the Truth! I but reflect Thee,
May all my thoughts be wholly Thine!